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4 ways to suceed at Teleworking

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

1. We need to establish a dedicated space for work.

• Within our house layout, let’s find an illuminated, well ventilated and quiet space.

• Internet service is a must.

• A comfortable chair and a desk with enough top area.

2. Let’s repeat, Quiet; we need options to Work with other family members around, therefore,

• Conference calling will be necessary, so, you will need headphones and, if possible, a dedicated room, with a door, would be helpful.

• Remember , homes are less noise-insulated than office spaces, and under current conditions, everybody is stuck at home, your family, your pets, your neighbors.

3. Natural Light and Ventilation: you will be needing contact with the outside, absent the opportunity of walking or running , we should exercise at home, and have a nice natural source of light.

4. Data and information management: Corporate Information and Data confidentiality requirements should be enforced. Home internet services may not comply with stringent data security needs.

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